Czech Soles - Boyfriend Smelly

Monika has just arrived home only to find you watching TV and sitting in the mess you were supposed to clean while she was working. Clothes on the floor, dirty plates and cups all over the place. "I have enough of this! Are you sitting here all day doing nothing??! Come here and take this slap!". Monika can be really mean and you submit to her while she's slapping you all over your face. "My feet hurt. I'm running at work all day and you will take care of them now or I'll beat you down to my feet! Do you understand?! You will smell my sneakers, socks and you will lick my feet clean!". You rather obey before she gets even more mad and you are getting on your knees to do what she says. "Oh my god, your feet smell! But ok ok, I'm sorry I'll do what you say...". It's time to take the punishment for your laziness!

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