Princess Aurora - Pathetic Crossdresser Transformation To Beautiful Barbie Doll

I have a very fun idea. You love dressing up and you love being a little sissy, but you're just not quite good enough, are you? You try and try but you're not really sure how to look prettier and sexier. Well I am going to help you. I think your crossdressing should take a new direction. Instead of looking at other sissies for your inspiration, you should look at a real woman. And not just any woman, but me in particular. Look at me, you see how I dress, how I look, how I come across is so much better and sexier than anything you could do on your own.

You see I love looking like a perfect blond doll. The type of look you just idolize, don't you? Yes, you wish so badly that you could look as sexy and girly as I do. And you're very lucky because I have chosen you to turn into my little sissy twin. That's right, I'm going to help you transform yourself from a sad crossdresser to a fabulous beautiful barbie doll. Just like me. You're never gonna look badly dressed every again because you've got me now, your twin step-sister Lol! So the first thing we're going to do is order matching outfits of course. I'm going to send you a list of what to buy, and you're going to buy two of everything, one for me and one for you, one in my size and one in your size. And then we're gonna get dressed up! I absolutely love getting dressed up and taking hundreds and hundreds of selfies. It's so much fun! And as a little sissy bitch, my little sissy bitch, you will learn to love it too!

So be a good girl for me and order what I tell you to and then we'll play dress up and take pictures, and then I can assess exactly what is wrong with you. We can look at how the clothes look on me, and then on you, and then fix you LOL! That sounds like fun, doesn't it? From now on you're going to pay Very close attention to me and everything I do, like, how do I style my hair, how do I do my makeup, how big are my eyelashes, what color lipstick am I wearing. Everything I do you're going to replicate it. And that's why it's so important that we have the same outfits and makeup and do a real good selfie session. You're going to send me your selfies and I'll send you mine, and you're going to look at it really closely and you're going to ask yourself, 'Why don't you look as good as me?'.

And well I'm going to look at your selfies as well and of course I'll laugh a little bit, but humiliating you isn't the goal today. Luckily for you. What I want to do is pick apart that selfie, I want to give you constructive criticism for once. I want to guide you, give you advice, tell you exactly where you're going wrong. I know you dream of being the perfect, pretty doll with long blonde hair, thick eyelashes, a big glossy pout and dressed to perfection. So from now on, whenever you get dressed, you'll be looking at me. You'll be looking at the tips I've sent you, the things I've told you to buy, the way I've told you to do your makeup, the shoes I wear, everything. You want to replicate me, you want to look exactly like me. You don't want to be laughed at or ridiculed any more for crossdressing, do you?

No, you actually want to look good for once. So I'm going to help you but that will only be achievable if you follow my instructions exactly. No thinking you know better, no fucking up, you just need to listen and do as you're told like a good girl. Look at me, I am everything you aspire to be. I want you to be my clone. I want a little sissy twin step-sister. You're going to look so fucking good. I'm going to take you out with me and I'm going to show you off but only once you have perfected every single step of this transformation. Because I know in the beginning there's going to be a lot for me to pick apart from your selfies. A lot for me to criticize, a lot for me to change. I mean look at yourself now, you're pretty fucking hopeless, aren't you? You've been desperate for some kind of help for so fucking long. I bet you're going to be so grateful.

Right now you look atrocious but soon you're going to look just like me. To be my sissy doll. To play dress up. We'll always be wearing matching outfits, the exact same hair, makeup, shoes, everything. And you'll even need to learn how to walk like me, a nice sexy walk. I don't want you falling over in your high heels. If you're going to be my twin doll, then you need to get it together, bitch. LOL! And only then will I prance you around for everyone to see. I only accept perfection, that's why I look so good all the time. So get ready to be transformed, my sissy bitch twin. I'll take you from sad, wanna be sissy to gorgeous, glamorous Princess, just like me lol!

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