Czech Soles - Pov Giantess Foot And But Crushing

What a damn horrible day! Ester is pretty pissed right now. She's stomping the floor with her boots in fury and she's just looking for something to break, to smash to crush!

As she's walking around mad and furious, she notices you, a little tiny man on the floor. She starts to laugh at you: "What a little man" You're so tiny! Hahaha I could kick you once and you'd be gone!". She puts all her attention towards you. "I could crush you" Such a small and insignificant little dwarf. Do you want me to crush you flat?!". She plays with you and releases her anger by and humiliating you. And you're totally hopeless. She's so big and so strong compared to you. She wants to bully you, to trample you over and over and let you fear this time is gonna be the last time. "So how do you want to be crushed? Should I trample you? Barefoot or in my high boots? Or maybe I could crush you with my butt, hmm?". She's so big and dangerous and she's also so furious she might not even care whether you live or not.

As you're hopelessly standing on the floor getting crushed and trampled by her huge feet over and over, you just beg her not to do it but she's having so much fun right now. She's not gonna stop any time soon. Not until...your end.

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