Miss Alika White - Chastity Whispers

*Use headphones to get the best experience and to hear the binaural beats*

Remember when I locked your cock up? Seems like a log time ago now doesn’t it?

Perhaps you’re starting to regret it or perhaps you’re getting used to feeling your cock swell up in your cage and push against the sides. Either way, I relish the fact that you’re getting more and more frustrated, more and more desperate and more and more submissive to me.

Seeing and feeling that cage against your cock when you see me serves as a constant reminder of my power and control over you.

I enjoy hearing you beg. I enjoy watching you squirm. I want you to be a leaking mess in your cage. In this clip, my presence, dominance and my soft mesmerizing whispers will gently repeat in your mind, sending my messages deeper in to your brain.

MP4 * 837 MB * 00:11:03 * 1920x1080

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