Goddess Stella Sol - Caged for Goddess

Do you want to know why I know you're being drawn into wearing My cage? Because you're here right now about to buy this clip and there's no such thing as coincidence. Or is there? Perhaps you are wearing My cage already and you know this clip is something you are required to buy without question. Watch and learn what I expect from My chastity sluts as you become better trained to serve Me. Have a chastity cage placed on your meat stick, or be willing to buy one online asap. Do your own research and buy a custom cage online to increase the chances that you will commit to your development into this chastity lifestyle. As soon as you know you're ready you will order ChastityRules.iWantStella. You may need to direct message Me about how to obtain My new chastity rules if there's any issues downloading them. k! Oh, and for Goddess sake, NO CUMMING until I say you're allowed, and don't expect it to be a cheap thrill.

MP4 * 669 MB * 00:09:04 * 1920x1080

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