Lindsey Leigh - Dominating My Cheating Student

I am your professor and I have caught you cheating on your tests and homework. I am the last credit you need to graduate and you know this could ruin your chances to graduate this semester. I ask you a couple questions, you lie until you are cornered and admit it. You begin begging me immediately and I do not budge. You then say you'll do anything if I don't report you which peeks my interest. I have a date with some friends after this meeting, if you cant tell by my dress and if you polish my heels I let you off. I wont allow you to use a towel, I want you to use your tongue and be completely naked, exposed and humiliated. You're hesitant but you know you need to pass so you undress and crawl towards my dirty heels. I treat you like dirt while you lick. I even joke how I am creating a lifelong fetish for you. Finally I tell you to cum on your plagiarized homework. After laughing at what I could get you to do with nothing but power I tell you to write a new term paper.

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