Lusciousx Luci - reminiscing with your high school bully

While out running errands, you happen to run into one of the girls who used to bully you the worst back in high school. She decides she wants to bring you over to her apartment to reminisce with you over the fun times you used to have back in the day. Remember when her friends held you upside down while they flushed your head in the toilet? Anytime they would let you up for air, she was teasing you with her tits and ass. There’s nothing funnier than watching a scrawny, pathetic nerd get a hard on while a bunch of girls torment him. Do you think you would still poke her with the bulge in your pants if she pinned you down, straddled you and grinded on top of you as she spits all over your face? Why don’t you guys relive some old memories and see what happens? She holds you down and spits all over your face and in your mouth, fo rcing you to swallow. After you’re covered in drool, she takes you to the bathroom to commemorate the daily swirlies she used to give you in high school. Over and over she flushes your face, humiliating you for being such a puny little bitch of a man. After she’s satisfied with the torment you’ve received, she demands your address and tells you she’ll be by your place tomorrow with some of her friends to relive some other memories, so you better be ready for a nice big faceful of ass. Now get out, loser.

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