Miss Alika White - Halloween Party Cuck

This is just too hot for you to be jerking off to the preview. You’re going to have to buy it see me in this skin tight latex catsuit.

Why am I wearing this? I’m going to a night club for a Halloween party dressed as a classic dominatrix.

Can imagine how many heads will turn when I walk in like this? I’ll be the one all the guys want. As the most alpha woman there, I’ll have my pick of the men. That being the case, I’m on a mission to find the hottest, most alpha man at the party. I’m going to be flirting with lots of guys to decide which one I want to take back to my hotel room.

While you’re drooling over me and jerking that rejected beta cock, I’ll be telling you:

•More about what I’ll do with hot guys at the party
•What I’m going to do to with any betas who dare approach me
•What will be happening in my hotel room (and it’s not just the obvious)
•And I have some things to tell you which will make you soooo jealous

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