Goddess Christina - GOON Throb PAY Slave

Look who’s back! Looking sexy as ever and ready to take MORE of what’s Mine! You live to work hard for Me. To grind for Me. To give it ALL to Me! Isn’t that right piggy?! I look so hot. Your brain isn’t working right. It’s just scre*ming - take it all Goddess! You want to give it ALL to Me! So hand it over bitch. Pay my perfect perky shiny tits and ass. Kiss my cheeks as you send like a good boy. Emmm yesss -- doesn’t that feel good slave? You want MORE! Yes you do. And I want MORE. Fuck you pay Me slave! You’re so stupid for my sexy shiny body that you get hard seeing my middle finger. Look at it. You’re hard when I call you a loser. You can’t help yourself. You’re such an idiot for Me. Go broke for Me. Look at me slave. Your cock is controlling your mind again. And guess who’s controlling that cock? See how that works? See how you throb for Me? Give in. Give in to your Goddess. I make the chaos in your head feel good when you worship Me properly. Keep going. Worship. Worship with My wallet!

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