Latex Barbie - Femboy Hooters Recruitment

So you want to work at femboy hooters? Watch this video to learn how. You want to get hired here? You have to make these little orange shorts look good. You have to get your titties right up in everyone's face. You have to strut that hot tight ass while you wear cute high heels! Who cares if your feet hurt when the whole place is starring at your sexy curves? Show me how bad you want to work here. I know you love to show off! Work it, girl ! You better be sweet, girlish, and flirty if you want to impress the manager. Can you carry bottles and wings and wiggle you ass as you walk? Show me what a good femboy you can be. Good slut. You're already doing that like a pro. Show me what you are working with, and maybe we'll hire you for an audition shift....

MP4 * 1.56 GB * 00:11:11 * 1920x1080

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