Miss Alika White - Miss Alika's New House Slave - Slave Training

Welcome to your new home bitch. You belong to me now slave boy. The only person you ever need to think about from now on, is me.

I’m going to tell you all about your new life. That’ll include:

* Your rules
* The chores you’ll carry out for me.
* How hard you’ll be worked.
* The punishments you’ll receive.
* The reason I’m dressed like this.
* The ways I like to use and humiliate you for my amusement.
* Why I picked you.
* How you’ll worship me.
* And why, for the rest of your life, your cock will be locked in chastity.

I’ll also show you a very special new toy I can’t wait to use on you.

MP4 * 1011 MB * 00:12:40 * 1920x1080

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