So my own step-brother is a sock smelling foot perv? Well, think I'll have to take advantage of this..

Your step sister Sydney comes up complaining about how long she's been on her feet today in class. She's relaxing in front of you when she notices you staring at her feet.. she calls you out on it and you blubber and stutter but ask to smell her socks. She's totally grossed out, but says she'll let you do it if you do her homework.

She plops her sweaty socked feet right in your face, still in disbelief that her own step brother has a weird foot fetish. "Can you really smell them step bro? I think you need to get in closer" she says..

Enjoy the close up view of your own step sisters dirty, gross sweaty socks and feet! You had better do a good job on her homework too bitch, or she'll tell mom and dad! And don't you dare even think about touching yourself!.. you just sit there and smell my feet!

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