This fun giantess/shrinking fetish video will channel your vore fantasies to a different level!

You're a shrunken spy who made it to the scientist Sydney's lab. You're observing the Giantess as she goes about her shrinking potion lab business. It's a good thing you found a great hiding spot, since you've heard the stories about other spies getting caught, which never ended very well. You try to get a better vantage point so you venture up on the table where all the potions seem to be standing. Finally you get a great view of the Doctor Giantess.

"Goddamnit", Sydney yelled, "I need more cum!!!". Her frustration with men's cum seems to be taking a toll on her project. She went about her project when all of a sudden she says, "Wait a minute, what's that smell?". She snickers. She knew from that moment that someone is inside her lab. "It must be my really lucky day today."

As she goes around the room looking for where the smell is coming from, she sniffs and sniffs until finally she spots you hiding in between her shrinking potions!

Last time she had a visitor in her lab he thought he was going to be cured. Little did you know that his contributions were for her own pleasure. She shows you her belly, promising a better future in there. She admits that she loathes tiny spies, but they sure do make a tasty snack!

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