Deanna Deadly - smell and worship my stinky body

"I just got done with my run and ewww Im stinky. Even my brand new running shoes smell!"

"I wont tell anyone now....but later on If you decide to annoy me or not do as I say...Ill tell EVERYONE that you have a stinky armpit fetish, You love stinky socks.....weird....If you do exactly as I say when I say it your secret will stay safe with me...and occasionally Ill let you sniff my sweat."

"Now take a deep breath before I stuff my stinky socks in your face...You love the smell huh? You love when your big stepsis goes for a run and you can see how sweaty she is afterwards. Do you jerk off to my stinky socks??? LOL...I know you have a hardon and your trying to hide it."

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