Heather Highborne - Permanent Blue Ball Preparation

Hello sir... are ya almost ready... it’s a big day for u, huh??? It’s not every day a guy loses his ding dong, LOL.

Oh, you’re one of those... sir, I assure you, cutting your dick off just to get laughed at by your dominatrix is NOT a good idea...

I mean, u still have both your testicles, right? Do u realize that you’ll never be able to relive the burning desire to ejaculate?

I mean you might me just as happy if I took a bunch of your cash and just laughed in your face about even wanting your dick chopped off.

Here, how bout I bill ya an extra grand and I’ll laugh as I stand on your dick in these heels.

MP4 * 230 MB * 00:06:02 * 1920x1080

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