Stella Liberty - trainer puts you in chastity

Custom video with no names used. I'm your personal trainer and am sick of your excuses and laziness in regards to your workout regimen. From here on out I am not going to go easy on you, in fact I have locked you in chastity until you start showing some progress! Not only will you follow the routine and diet requirements, I'm stepping up your program to be even more demanding than before. Some losers just need an extra push and I'm certain that not being able to touch yourself will give you the new focus and time to get some results in the gym. While we're at it, I think its a good idea for you to worship my sweaty feet, socks and armpits when I am done at the gym so that you remember who is in control here. Now get up, put on your basketball shorts and get your ass in gear or you'll never earn the opportunity to stroke your cock again!

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