Any other human would just get kil.led and devoured. You get the privilege of serving Vampire Sydney as an eternal foot slave.

You! You have cost Sydney so much agony. And now? Look at you. Nowhere to go. All these years you've been hunting me. And now? I have captured you. The predator has become the prey. Now you are at Vampire Sydney's mercy. You will be staying here for as long as you live. Slayer, do you know what's about to happen to you? It should be pretty obvious when you've been caught by a vampire. You will become a vampire too, but you'll be the lowest of the low. A Vampire Servant. You can start by cleaning shoes and feet. Go on, clean Sydney's soles with your lowly tongue. Suck all the dirt and the grime from her heels. Don't you want to live forever? Then start fulfilling your duties. You better take advantage foot slave!

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