Ruby Rousson - Bye Bye Balls

To me, balls are pretty much useless. All they do is hang here looking sweaty, and ugly! They also serve to repopulate the planet, and we can’t have that! We definitely don’t need more of your kind – small dicked losers, walking around. So, I’m going to get rid of your balls. Simple as that. I want you to get 2 elastic bands, and then take both of those bands, and wrap them around both of your balls nice and tight. Make it snug. Then, you’re going to start jerking for Me! I’ll be kind, and let you have one last orgasm before you’re castrated. Don’t worry, I’ll make it worthwhile. I want you to touch your cock, and feel the skin become taught as you jerk. Feel the pressure in your balls increase, and get ready to blow your last ever load. Castrate yourself because you’re a small disked looser who need to stop spreading his scum everywhere. Castrate yourself to amuse Me. Maybe next time we’ll get rid of that penis …

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