Cruel Brats - Our Boyfriends Are Gonna Cover You In Cum

Imagine this humiliating predicament – Ten of my hottest girlfriends are all stood around you as all of our boyfriends take turns fucking your face. This is exactly what we have planned for you tonight cock-sucker! And as terrifying as this nightmare situation might sound to you, faggot, it’s not even the start of what’s gonna happen to you! You are going to be face-fucked and splashed with so much cum – you might not even be able to breath under all of it! I’m serious – our boyfriends are gonna cover your stupid face with their cum – your nostrils and your throat are going to be caked in their Alpha slime. I can’t wait to see you blubbering under the thick layer of real man cum! And if you do get out of this alive, me and my girlfriends are gonna make sure you never forget what our boyfriends did to you. We’re gonna take so many pictures of your cum-soaked face and spread them all over the internet. We’re gonna humiliate the fuck out of you forever for being our boyfriend’s cum-dump. Can you imagine a more humiliating predicament faggot?

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