Goddess Andie - Popular Girls Panty Peasant Full Season

This is the life you've always wanted, sissy. A hot, popular girl invites you over, friend-zones you and makes you help her date the quarterback... Oh, and she brutally humiliates you and makes Hump the floor for her entertainment, makes you wear panties, makeup and tears you down to build herself up and increase her own popularity!

Follow the journey from , beaten wimp to panty wearing peasant all the way to exposed sissy maid in chastity!

This is all 8 episodes of season 1

1. Sock Wimp
2. Wear Em' Wimp
3. Sing The Pink Panty Song
4. Sissified At School
5. Tutu Wearing Fucktard
6. Mortified In The School Play
7. Sissy Maid Exposed
8. Peasant Lost It's Penis

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