Bratty Ashley Sinclair - Insecure Little Dick Virgin Losers Never Amount To Anything

Oh my god your dick is so small. That is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life. You’re a virgin, aren’t you? Of course you are because nobody wants to have sex with that little penis. I would never even consider it. You’ll be stuck jerking off your pathetic little dick for the rest of your life, all by yourself.
Your dick is probably the smallest one I’ve ever seen. It truly is worthless. You must feel like such a loser and that’s because you are such a loser. You’re like the biggest fucking loser I’ve ever seen. Just look down and you’ll know it’s true. It’s barely a penis and definitely not a cock.
It must suck to know that you’ll never be able to please a woman. Ever. I wonder how that must feel? You must feel so insecure all the time, so pathetic. So you spend your time getting off to being made fun of for how tiny and pathetic your dick is. And now you’ve conditioned yourself so that this is the only way you can get off.
Your dick is ridiculous. Me making fun of it is the only kind of attention it will ever get. But you like it, you like being humiliated about your little penis. In fact, you love it. You live for videos like this. I think that the only reason you ever take your penis out in front of a real woman is so that she can laugh at you and then you can go home and jerk off about it.
You’re completely worthless and you love being humiliated by a brat like me while I’m fully dressed and completely uninterested. I know I’m making your tiny little dick so hard. This is sex for you. This is the life of a tiny dick loser. Guys like you with little dicks are pretty much always losers. They never make it that far in life. Your small penis makes you so insecure and you’ll never accomplish anything. Successful men pretty much always have big dicks. But guys like you never amount to anything.


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