Lucy Spanks - CBT Adult School Beta Lesson

Feeling brave simp? i know youll be feeling extra weak watching me in my short school girl skirt, fishnets and crop top as I instruct you to hurt yourself for Me. To play along at home you will need the following supplies: Rubber bands, Pencils, Rulers or spoon or paddle, tooth paste or tiger balm, and a will to please. Do exactly as I instruct and try not to cry, try to not be such a little bitch and actually hit hard. I will supervise and get pleasure from your pain. Rubber band snaps and toothpaste are some of my fav ways to make you burn and squirm. My sexy and stern voice will encourage you to push past the pain to new heights, looking at My ass in fishnets while punching your balls is exactly how you want to spend your weekend.

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