Empress Jennifer - Big Bad Step-Sster Part 2

Sniff My ass. Get in My crevice and take a big ol whiff! Making you do what I want you to is way too fun. you are a lucky boi. If I took a dump right now, it would get all over your face LMAO but you still couldnt tell anyone because this is so embarrassing! And farting all over your face is hilarious because the faces you make. you're going to smell like ish permanently LOL Humiliating you with your new job as My ass servant definitely doesn't feel like work to ME. you're such a loser. And tonight just might just scar you for life hahah. you look like you might throw up. Better not, you'll have to eat that too. I'm going to make you into a really good ass servant. Here, I'm going to get My middle finger and get it nice and smelly, and if you're lucky, chunky... Just so you can sniff it and suck on it...I'll help you out too. Wow, you might be gay. I can tell by how you suck. you're going to have tons of and sucking in your future. Good thing I'm training you now LMAO Now tell Me I'm the best step-sister in the whole world :)

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