Miss Marisa - Always Back Under My Power

Your boyfriend has started to realize how much you've been changing him... His friends are making fun of how he bends to your every wish. He wants to break up with you. Unfortunately for him, as you've been modifying his behavior, you've also implanted several triggers that make it so easy for you to control him. You laugh at his attempt to break up, and with a simple leg cross, showing off your exquisite pantyhose encased legs, adorned with designer heels and he can't even finish his sentence. Completely stunned by each leg cross, he is immediately under your spell. You laugh as his predicament - he should have never asked you out if he didn't want to be your complete slave! But now, he will amuse you as his punishment. You order him to strip naked - a snap of your fingers and he is triggered to obey your command. You order him to kneel with another snap. He stares at Your legs, crossing, recrossing, and even double crossing to tightly as his eyes completely glaze over. You order him to tie up his balls with a shoelace, he can't resist as you snap again. You lick your lips, knowing that triggers him to fall deeper under your power. You tell him how in love with you he is. You make him repeat it... He would never break up with you. You laugh at how much power you have and think of what other punishments he must do for foolishly thinking he could ever break up with you! After you are done, you leave him frozen like a statue, for his friends to find him.

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