Young Goddess Kim – Ass slave Application

You have applied for an interesting position to serve Me. One of My favourite uses for a male in fact. No, there is no need for an interview – take off your clothes right now and I will test you out just like a piece of furniture. That’s what you will become for Me after all – a cushion for My divine ass. Humble yourself first and kiss My sole, show Me how desperate you are to fill this position. Look up at My breathtaking ass, are you already begging to kiss it? The longer you stare at My seducing sway the weaker and deeper you long to sniff, kiss, lick and worship My ass. Not long before you are dedicating your life to serving as My ass slave – anything I desire. Haha, I so enjoy getting you ass applicants right where you belong – taking your final desperate breaths beneath My hot, tight ass smother.

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Young Goddess Kim – Ass slave Application 10% more days with any membership
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