Princess Kira Star - Sniff And Fry Your Brain For My Ass

I knew you couldn’t resist, I knew that once you saw my ass you’d have to watch this clip. I know you can’t resist jerking to my ass as I tease you with it. And I also know that you’re a sniffing freak. Combining the two could be lethal. So go on, fry your brain, sniff it hard. I know you don’t have anything better to do. This is what you live for. And I’m going to encourage this behavior, I want you to sniff and jerk to my ass loser.
Nothing feels better than this. Sniffing and jerking to my perfect ass. It makes you so weak and stupid. Your loser cock gets so hard for my ass, and when you sniff it just intensifies the effects that my ass has on you. I want you to stroke your pathetic cock and fry your brains. I know you’re already melting for me, melting into a puddle of mush. I want you to feel what my ass is doing to you.
Sniff some more and jerk to my perfect body. You’re helpless against me in this state. Sniff for my ass again loser. Let me control you with my ass. I know you love this. I know how your stupid sniffing brain works. Jerk for it loser. You’re becoming a slave for my ass and there’s nothing you can do about it in this weakened state.
And once you cum for my ass it’s all over, you will lose all control. Sniff again and know that you belong to my ass. My ass is all you can think about as you sniff and jerk. Stroke out all of that cum, show me how much you love my ass. Surrender to it. Make a mess for my ass. Squirt your brains out. Look at yourself, you’re such a mess and your brain is fried.

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