Miss Noel Knight - Stepmum Makes You A Sissy

It’s time to separate the men from the boys. As your new stepmum, I need to know which you are. In my mind there are only two kinds of males – alpha men and sissies. There is one easy way to discover which you are. It’s all dependent on cock size. I make you strip down and show off your little wee-wee. I even make you tug on it when it’s too pathetically small to believe. It would seem you are a sissy and from now on, you’ll be treated as such. Sissies are helpless, horny little creatures who need lots of structure and guidance. You’ll be locked away in a pretty pink cock cage and dressed in lots of pretty pink panties like a proper sissy. Aren’t you lucky your new stepmum is here to take care of you?

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