Princess Aurora – Cuckold Condom Reprogramming

In general, you’ve been a pretty good sissy cuckold. You do what you’re told, you pay for me and my boyfriend’s expenses, you clean and cook and shop and do the laundry. I’ve been very happy with you, BUT there is one thing we need to work on sissy! You see whenever my boyfriend cums on your face or in your mouth, you wince! It’s almost as if you don’t like to take his gooey real-man load down your throat. I know you don’t mean to be bad sissy, it’s an involuntary bodily reaction, it’s something you can’t control. That’s why I’m going to help you! I only want what’s best for you sissy. So for the next couple of weeks, or however long it takes, we’re putting you on an intensive cum-diet. Every day, after I have sex with my real man, we’re going to let you slurp down the creamy hot content of his used condoms. Aren’t you just the luckiest sissy ever? Yummy alpha male cummies for you every day! In fact, we had a whole lot of sex last night, and of course we saved all those cum-bags just for you! So, kneel down sissy and open wide for that thick alpha-protein. Don’t swallow though, if this conditioning is going to work then you have to get used to the taste of his loads. I’ll just keep pouring these used condoms into your mouth, while you gargle it and swish it around your mouth, and once there are no condoms more left THEN you can gulp it all down. Now don’t forget, I want you to smile when you do it – okay sissy? If you do a good job, I’ll let you put on one of his empty condoms and pump your beta-cock into it, and then you can eat that mess too! Good girl!

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