Astro Domina - A Cocksucker's Destiny

"Once a cocksucker, always a cocksucker".. this is an old saying that you need to know. Why? Because soon this will become your new motto!

Sydney is here to help you understand your true nature. You see, look down at your cock. Look at how small it is. Obviously with such a tiny member, you won't be pleasing a woman anytime soon. So she's going to teach you some new skills today! She brings out a giant dildo. This is going to be your new training tool, because she's going to be turning you into her new cocksucking slave!

Look at the size and color of the giant cock she's holding.. this is going to be perfect because it closely resembles the one's belonging to her BBC lovers. You know, the one's that REALLY satisfy her. So imagine it was a real cock right in front of you, in the flesh, and how it compares to your little dicklet. Which one does Sydney deserve? Obviously the one that can give her pleasure!

So since your tiny dick is useless, you will learn to use your mouth to fluff and clean up her big black lovers! Admit it, sissy you know how small and useless you are! So get ready for a lot of training, new cocksucking slave, because this is your destiny and with Sydney's help she will bring you to fully realizing your true purpose!

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