Cruel Girlfriend - Locked In Cum

It’s pathetic isn’t it cucky. Your poor cock is trapped in that chastity device and yet everyone else gets to cum. You suffer physically in there and you also suffer mentally. What’s worse cucky? The pain of your poor cock being restricted in that little device or the pain of knowing I’m letting other men cum as much as they want? You must have heard how satisfied my fuck-toy was last night? The intense moan of pleasure as he filled another condom full of his Alpha load while fucking me. While your helpless little cucky-dick remained limp and rejected his was enjoying a powerful cum.
That must make you feel so sad cucky. He gets to ooze streams of cum from the end of his big cock whenever he likes while you can’t even remember what cumming feels like. I feel kind of sad for you cucky so I’m going to remind you of just how good it feels to have cum-wet cock. I’m going to unlock you right now – let’s get that forgotten little dick out of its cage… There you go – doesn’t that feel better cucky? Now, before we lock it back up, I’m going to take my real man’s XL cum filled condom and I’m going to slip your inferior little dick inside.
Your pathetic little dick is going to feel my real man’s cum all over it Eughw! And then when I’ve got his slimy condom pulled right over your unwanted little wimp-dick, I’m locking you back into your cage where you belong. You can sit and squirm in his real man spunk all day cuckold. You’re going to feel his icky cum against your locked-up cock all day – until I take my strap-on to you and fuck your own cum out of you to join his inside that cage. Haha!

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