Natasha's Bedroom - One Of The Girls

We’ve been friends for so long, and there’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you. I think you’re really cute…in a girly way. You have such a pretty, feminine appearance; you could be absolutely gorgeous if you just let me give you a makeover. Come on, just try being a girl for me! I just know it’ll feel so right. So pretty. So perfect. We’ll start by feminizing you on the outside. Makeup, lingerie, shaving…and then you’ll have to learn how to act like a girl. I’ve arranged a date for you with a super hot alpha male for tonight, and we’ll have to get you prepared for what he’ll expect of you. You’ll be taking his huge cock in every hole. Of course, he’ll expect you to swallow his enormous load once he’s finished, so you’ll need to practice your semen slurping skills. You practice right now with your very own cum–I’ll show you how! Don’t be shy; girls do this all the time, and you’re one of the girls now.

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