Young Goddess Kim - Sweet Smothering Satisfaction

Just because I am laying back checking My e-mails and ignoring you doesn’t mean you can just sit there and stare. you are here to serve and worship Me, slave! Grovel at My feet and start making yourself useful! Start by kissing and licking My soles. Work your way up, as I ignore you, work your way all the way up to My divine shiny tight ass. you look nervous…. Don’t stop! you’re nervous to be so close to a Goddess, aren’t you? Well forget about yourself – it’s all about Me. Obey! If you don’t please Me I will punish you, slave. Now get your nose in My ass and sniff. I’ll use your face as I like, beneath My ass, squashing your face. Breathe in My ass. you are a lucky unworthy slave being so close to My forbidden fruits – you know where it will eventually lead you. Before long you will be nothing but My cushion – your face permanently ready to be sat on without acknowledging your existence. you better start training to hold your breath for longer – or one day you will be gone beneath My shiny ass and pussy. What a way to go. Smothering you gives Me sweet satisfaction.

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