Goddess Nina - Condom-Eating Cuck

My hubby doesn’t like me tossing our used condoms in the trashcan because the dogg always digs them out. Besides, it’s such a pain to have to get out of bed and go and toss them in the trash anyway. So I suggested why don’t we just use YOU as our “condom disposal unit”! I mean, we like to have you kneeling there next to our bed making you watch us while we fuck anyway, so…it just makes sense. Now its time to practice so open up and say “Ahhh” cucky! By the way, we are having a swingers party at our house this weekend to show you off…and you will be getting PLENTY of use as EVERY used condom at the party is going to be discarded into YOUR mouth! And you BETTER not embarrass us! So open up and say

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