Young Goddess Kim - Pantyhose Privilege

Ive arrived home after a long day walking around in these black pantyhose and stilettos. it really is convenient having a little slave house boy to do whatever I want. Good boy, on your knees and waiting for My orders. Well, I’ve been looking forward to slipping off this pencil skirt. It would be such a privilege if I allowed you to watch. Hmm first show Me that chastity cage! I delight in teasing that locked dick, seeing you so teased and frustrated. The key around My ankle taunting you even further. Worship My pantyhose perfection. These luscious legs, feet and ass that drive you crazy. Show Me how desperate your desire is… To feel My nylon feet pressed on your face, to kiss My Goddess ass. Each minute spent worshipping My pantyhose tease renders you helplessly enslaved.

MP4 * 551 MB * 00:13:55 * 1920x1080

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