Natasha's Bedroom - Experimental Trials

You agreed to participate in a research study testing an experimental flu vaccine--or, at least, that's what you were told. When you walk into the examining room, you're greeted by the most scantily clad nurse you've seen. She smiles sweetly and explains the procedure to you. "Don't worry, it's just going to be a little poke in your arm. Painless." The nurse pulls out a syringe and tenderly extends your arm before plunging the serum into your veins. The fluid feels surprisingly good as it enters your body, warm and comforting, nothing like any shot you've experienced before.
Almost immediately, you notice something strange happening to your mind. You're in a beautiful daze. Total euphoria takes over your body. And then you notice something else: your chest feels like it's swelling...are you growing breasts? Is your penis shrinking? You nervously ask the nurse what's going on. She strips you naked, smiling as she notices the undeniable changes in your naked body.
"Very unusual. You are indeed growing breasts, and your penis is certainly shrinking. I think the best course of action is to administer another dose. It sounds paradoxical, but you'll need to trust me. I'm a medical professional." You hesitantly extend your arm and feel the serum plunge again into your veins.
Suddenly, a stream of distinctly feminine emotions flood through you. Your newly budding breasts are now expanding even more rapidly than before, and your penis is shrinking at an equally rapid rate. Your formerly flat ass is slowly protruding out, creating lovely feminine curve. You're frantic now, but the nurse just smiles. "Perfect. This is all going exactly according to my plan. I suppose it's time now to tell you what this medical trial is *really* about. When I saw you, I switched out the flu vaccine for a newly synthesized hormone therapy. I knew you were the perfect candidate for this gender transformation trial."
As you learn about the nurse's deception, you're initially furious. You don't want to be transformed into a woman! But it doesn't take long before you realize the truth: you're glad. This truly is what you've always wanted to be. Soft feminine skin, a beautiful clit replacing your unseemly penis, gentle curves forming the landscape of your body. So when the nurse holds up the third dose, giving you the choice between rendering these changes permanent or returning to your former self, you eagerly hold out your arm.

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