Natashas Bedroom - Feeding Time For Fatty

Complete this task, and you will gain one pound. Right now. That's a guarantee. 
When you start jerking that fatty dick, there's only one thing on your mind: gaining. Getting fatter. Becoming an even bigger piggy for me. You want to be the fattest pig at the trough, ever feeding, ever stuffing that face, fattening up like a prize cow ready for show.
No more fantasizing. It's time to gain right now. One quick pound today, and then one more every day from now on. If you complete this task every day for the next month, you'll pack on over 30 pounds. In a year, over 300. In two years? Total immobility.
I want to see those rolls grow. I want to see that belly flabbier than ever, with your man titties hanging down over it. There's no excuse when I make gaining this easy.
Open up that mouth. It's time to feed, piggy...

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