Princess Amai Liu - You’re Lucky I Make You Eat Your Own Cum And Not Another Man's

So you think it’s gross that I make you flip your legs over your head and shoot your cum into your eager mouth? And don’t pretend it’s not eager, don’t pretend you don’t want this because I know Exactly what you want to do. You act like it’s fucking gross but somewhere in your sick, twisted mind, you really want to do it and see how far you can be pushed. 
And you really shouldn’t complain, because if you do, I might make you eat another man’s cum. And not just some stud’s cum, I might make you eat another loser’s cum and that’s way worse. There’s a big difference in alpha jizz, and dirty little cum nugget jizz, lol. Loser jizz tastes like yours, it tastes like defeat. Alpha jizz tastes so much better. You can almost taste the masculinity in it. Something that yours is seriously lacking. You are so lucky I don’t make you eat someone else’s cum. That I don’t make you get down on your knees with your eyes wide and your mouth open, tongue out and ready to get ready to get blasted all over your desperate face while you have to make eye contact with him. Then you’d truly be a cum covered desperate pathetic cum eating fag. 
I wonder what would be more humiliating to you, having to eat your own cum, or alpha cum, or loser cum? LOL! I don’t think it matters to you, you’re just a cum junkie. You’re one sick fuck, you know that? Your head is probably swimming right now, all confused. I’m going to lead you down a path where you’re going to do some really fucked up sick things. And you want that. I could make you clean another man’s cum out of my ass, or I could make you clean the cum out of another sub’s ass. Well if that’s too extreme for you then you better eat your own cum and fucking thank me that is all I do to you

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