Mistress Lilin - Morning Goddess Worship and CBT Tasks

Every morning as my personal owned slave, I'll require you to wake up and perform a series of sensual tasks and learn to recite new mantras of worship to me. Half of the time, this experience will be pleasurable, as I instruct you to stroke your cock to my body--but this experience will also be painful as you feed my sadistic cravings.

Let's test your ability to follow ALL of my orders. Watch this clip every morning as an act of self-discipline and reverence for Me, your one true Goddess.

Note: This clip was created as a custom but contains no names. It also features mesmerizing audio effects and slow motion sensual visuals--including me flashing my nude tits. Chastity is referenced a few times, and I instruct the viewer to remove their chastity cage at the start of the clip. However a chastity cage is not required, as chastity is not the focus of this clip, so non-chastity slaves can enjoy it just as well. This clip is light on verbal, and the domination style is more sensual. The CBT tasks involve both the cock and balls. As the CBT tasks get progressively more intense, I do get a bit more aggressive.

MP4 * 1.69 GB * 00:23:18 * 1920x1080

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