Miss Maddy - Sensual CBT

Look into My eyes while I tell you exactly how I want you to beg to smack your balls for Me. Listen to My soft, sweet voice take over as I make you beg & plead to smack those balls as hard as you can. It pleases Me to see you beg, and you just want to please Me, isn’t that right? Beg over and over, smack them over and over. you’re nothing more than a paying slut for Me, emptying your account as you smack those balls. It’s almost like a game - smack and send and stare into My eyes. I’ll even tease you with My perfect ass because I know just how desperate you are to smack yourself for it. But you have to pay, little ball smacker. It’s a privilege to hurt yourself for Me, but it’s a privilege worth every single penny.

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