Asher Eden - Nerdy Feminist Bimbofication Pt 2

A follow up to my original nerdy feminist bimbofication bimbo: we get an update from ex-nerdy girl. She has lost control of her mind and body to the bimbo files. The more she struggles, the deeper she goes. Her tits are bigger, her nails are done, and she's dressed in a slutty outfit.

She tried to go back to her college classes, but everyone laughs whenever she opens her mouth. She can't stop sucking and fucking. Some things she can't remember... but even worse is what she can. She can see, hear, and feel as her body betrays her and make her do stupid bimbo things. She can't act like this... she's a respectable smart young lady. Or at least she WAS.

She tries hard to explain what's happening, but her mind keeps slipping back into her bimbo state. She tries to turn on music to distract herself, but ends up shaking her ass to the music! God, this is so humiliating! Why can't she stop?

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