Asher Eden - The Downfall Of a Valedictorian

Asher was ecstatic that she got valedictorian and now that she's graduated, she's on her way to a prestigious college and out of her small town... or she was. Her best friend decided to steal a lighter from a gas station and in an effort to save her friend from getting into trouble with the law again, decides to take the fall. Afterall, Asher's never had so much as a speeding ticket so surely she'd get a slap on the wrist.

When the Judge sees Asher he decides that she's nothing more than a stuck up girl that thinks she's better than everyone and assumes she's invincible. He knows she needs to be punished, so he gives her a special new "community service". He'll send her off to the highest bidder for a week, where the owner can do almost anything they please to her.

After the week is up, Asher is back in court and must recount all of the horrors she endured in order to prove she's learned her lesson... but will it be enough?

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