Asher Eden - The Gf Bimbofication Project Pt 1

NOTE: This is the first part in a custom series. This video does NOT show a complete transformation, rather the first step (nails and exposition). Your girlfriend is a bit shy and nerdy, but you know deep down she could be the perfect bimbo. So you make a plan, the first step is in motion. You tell her you have a surprise for her... you want to take her to a nail salon. She's appreciative, but a bit confused when you mention you think she should get long, pink acrylics. After all, she's a STEM major and has never had fake nails before! You get her to confess she used to want them when she was in HS, since all the pretty girls had them and use this to convince her to try them. After her appointment she's still a bit shy, but she admits she loves how they look and feel, showing them off for you. As a thank you, she jerks you off until you cum on them. She's so happy, you can tell this will be a fun transformation.

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