Young Goddess Kim – Electro Milking Session

I am in the same position as in No Escape. Completely immobilized onto the special bondage chair and electrodes connected to all my sensitive male parts: cock, balls and prostate. This time the advanced electro stimulation device is running fully automatically on a very mean computer program that you designed for this purpose.

The clip starts with you entering the room. Wearing the same outfit as in No Escape. The electro device is already working on me, controlled by your computer program. You tell me that you are checking back on me and refer to the treatments that I had before in which I succeeded in avoiding being made to cum. Those sessions were just intended to make me more addicted to you. You made me think that I could resist you while you slowly conditioned my mind by showing your divine shape and letting me listen to your voice while sexually exciting me.

This time things are different. The electro will mercilessly force me to cum for you. And you are going to tease me verbally and with visual stimulation by showing of your divine body again. Your legs, your divine ass and latex covered mound. Sometimes bending forward, looking me straight into my eyes and whispering in my ears. You are telling me that I will lose control and get milked. I will ejaculate and give up the contents of my balls no matter how hard I try to resist. Teasing you are telling me to try to resist. But that it will be useless as the device will make me ejaculate anyhow. And it won’t stop. It will just keep on going to milk another load from me. The post orgasm torture will be devilish. The device will just keep on working on me to force me from one to the next involuntary ejaculation. Until my balls are completely emptied and my potency destroyed.

Yes my potency will be destroyed for at least a month after this electro milking session. Rendering my cock limp and useless. I will still be horny as hell but not able to do anything with my cock anymore. Making me your horny but harmless licking slave. You say that maybe you will lend me out to one of your girlfriends. And when you discover that my cock is recovering from the session you will submit me to the next electro milking session. To make sure that I am permanently impotent. In the end you walk out of the room while saying that you will check back on me later. While the electro device continuously keeps working on me.

Custom Clip Feedback: Thank You Goddess Kim, The video exceeded every expectation again. Your perfect interpretation of the plot, Your divine female shape, Your moves and mesmerizing voice. Making me wish I could really sit there, immobilized and at Your mercy, tortured and milked by such a mean electro device while You are commanding me to give up the contents of my balls for You.

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