Astro Domina - Denied Summer

A brief relief from your chastity device. What will the day bring? Agony? Torture? Or a welcome release?

Wow, it's been months since I've actually allowed you to remove your chastity device and let you cum. For now, I'll let you free the bird and you can start stroking to my yoga pants. It doesn't mean I'll allow you to cum. I haven't decided yet if I'll let you. Go on. Have at it. Jerk to my ass, I know you're addicted to it. Say it. You can't stop thinking about it.

You want to cum for it. Every single time. There you go, put your face right in front of it, you ass lover. This is the only ass worth of your worship. Keep saying this out loud, like a mantra, that I own your cock and I am your princess. Your balls and your dick have been locked up for so long, it would suck if I denied you completely again. Let's edge for a while and see what happens. Maybe I'll even give you permission to cum today!

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