Princess Kendi Olsen - Severe, Painful Self CBT Instructions By A Bratty Schoolgirl

Love hurts, doesn’t it? Sacrifice is how we show our dedication and our love. I want you to hurt for me today. I want you to feel pleasure through pain. I want you to sacrifice for me today. You’re usually so selfish, you just want to jerk for me. And I understand that, I’m a hot young schoolgirl, lots of guys want to jerk for me. But I want to see real sacrifice today, I want to see real pain in your eyes. To serve me is to please me, jerking off to me is only serving yourself. 
Take your cock out. Now stare at my pussy in my panties. Wouldn’t you do anything to please my pussy and make it wet? Of course you would, so I want you to hurt yourself for me today. Take your hand and smack yourself right on the balls. Make it hurt, don’t be a pussy. I want you to feel it in your stomach. It feels good to hurt yourself for me. Soon your adrenaline and endorphins will kick in and it won’t hurt so bad. It’s going to feel good to hurt those balls, so go ahead and give them another hard smack. This might be hurting you, but it’s making me feel so good, and that’s what you want, right?
Smack yourself again. I love seeing you cringe as I get wet. I’m going to make you cry like a little bitch. Now stroke, just a little bit, just enough to get hard. And while you’re stroking, I want you to flick the head of your cock with your other hand. Do it hard, make it hurt. I want you whimpering, don’t be a bitch. Flick it again and again. I want you to truly hurt for me. You’re a fucking loser and all you deserve it pain and misery, all for my pleasure.
Now take your cock in both hands and give that ugly shaft an indian burn. I want you to rub your cock hard with each hand moving in the opposite direction. Twist it hard and harder, make it hurt, make it burn! Are you gonna cry for me you little loser bitch? Next I want you to pinch your balls, and by pinch them, I mean really pinch them. Do it fucking hard! Show me you want to please me. I want your cock and balls to be stinging and burning. I’m going to fuck you up today loser. And you’re going to thank me for doing this to you. You’re just a spineless little bitch who gets off on following the orders of a bratty young girl.

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