American Mean Girls - Lusting For Lexi's Feet!

OMG you are like soooo pathetic.  Look at you!  Down at my feet, literally begging like a fool for me.  And not even for "me", really- because you know I am so far outta your league, that's not even possible.  So you are literally begging just for my feet.  Haha!  And you know you aren't even worthy of that!

Look loser, just kneel before me while I sit on my throne and basically ignore you and play on my phone, texting people that I actually like.  And you are so pathetic that you will just kneel there and drool as I dangle my shoe off the tip of my toe, huh?  What happens if my shoe actually falls off?  Can you even handle that??  LOL

Gawd, foot-losers are so fucking pathetic.  Just kneel, drool, and send me a tribute through my twitter, foot freak.

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