Goddess Kate Alexis - Submissive Little Pet

We've been dating for a while now lover boy, and i've picked up on something about you. I think you're secretly very submissive and longing for me to take charge.

I know you've been too afraid to admit it in case you lose me. But it's ok, I love that you're so submissive actually! You need a strong, smart, confident woman to take charge and take care of you--from now on I'M going to make all the decisions and you won't have to worry your pretty little head about anything.

I have a collar for you, here let me put it around your neck, with lots of sweet kisses as you nuzzle in my cleavage :) You belong to ME now, and I'm going to take good care of you. I'm your alpha girlfriend, your sweet boss, your owner. You're such a good little pet, such a good boy. I'm going to kiss you until you cum.

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