Lucid Lavender - Stockholm Syndrome - Develop A Deep Psychological Bond

Lucid has become one of the top selling dommes on this site and this clip is a perfect example of why. She has an amazing way of taking you on a journey and making it feel so real. Her outfit, the background, the visual effects, and the creepy audio track and electrifying metal audio effects that go with this clip allow you to become completely immersed in the experience she's about to take you on. Her psychological manipulation is unbelievably intuitive. This clip can be what it's seemingly about, or it can be a metaphor for what she does to your mind. Every 'clip' of hers is a mindblowing experience unlike anything else you've ever experienced virtually. It is also filled with lots of audio and visual subliminal messages.

We're about to watch a metal lock up video and before we start I have two requests. First strip down completely naked, the second wear at least one piece of metal, preferably handcuffs and lock them behind your back, let's make this feel real.

Oh good, you're awake. Are you a little confused? I'll bet the last thing you remember is walking out of the coffee shop, right? Did you think I was flirting with you there? That's cute. From the moment I laid eyes on you I knew, I saw were your eyes were looking, I'm not stupid. As soon as I saw where your eyes were wondering to, I knew just what I had to do with you. The flirtation was just my way in.

Remember when I asked you if you liked the tight leather look? I already knew the answer I just wanted you to admit it so that you would know, right now in this minute, how you really fucked yourself. In all honesty you fucked yourself the moment I walked in and saw you. Your head spun around and you were basically drooling. Awww are those cuffs a bit tight? You can't move very far can you. OH did you feel that? Did you just notice that metal shock collar around your neck? You're chained to the wall as well.

You can't go very far and even if you did I have this remote control shocker right here and I can just press a button and you'll feel it through your whole body. You're not the first boy I've done this to. This place is full of boys like you. This is what I do. This is how I make my living. I find boys like you, who need some help, who need some training so they can fit in better with society. You practically lead yourselves here, it makes is so easy.I know how your minds work. And I know if he's into those things, then he also probably doesn't want to be let go. So I keep you. It's become pretty profitable actually, keeping all these guys locked away. Whether I pick you up or you're in for a session, I just get you. And I keep you bolted to my wall.

You might think you can get away but I haven't had one escape yet. And by the time I do let them go, they're so psychologically hooked, that they either come back or pay me for existing. There's no escape for you, not physically nor psychologically. And even if you could break free of your bonds, you're still locked down here. You're really not getting out. Do you know what really gets me excited about it all? I'm about 100 pounds and I can restrain dozens of men without even having to try that hard.

Now I know I've also got you naked and you're feeling extra vulnerable. Good, now put on these stockings and lingerie. You're going to put them on or I'm going to shock you again. Good boy. I have a bit of a pervy side too. Seeing you in that makes me want to take your card out of your wallet and go buy some things. I've got them you know along with your phone. So why don't you tell me the code from the back of your credit card. I mean I already know it, I can read it, I just want you to feel more defeated. There are so many things that I need to buy.

And now I'm going to use the thumb reader or face scanner and get into your phone, I could snap a few pictures and send them to the most recent contacts on your phone. And you do look so nice in that shade of pink! And I see that there are still some things that excite you in this state, like my boos and my leather outfit. Even all shackled up you can't take your eyes off of me. When I get up and start walking around you just can't control your wandering eyes. It doesn't really matter what you're into, I can do anything I want. I can make you like anything I tell you to. It's not up to you anymore. You're in my dungeon, wearing my cuffs, dressed up for me.

Is it beginning to hit you yet, the position you're in? I don't care what you're into, but knowing just helps me in the end, it helps me get inside your brain and take more control than I already have. You're in my space and even though you didn't choose to be here, there is some part of your brain that is so turned on by it. You can't lie, I see your hard cock in those pink panties. You tried to hide it but you couldn't. I just know you. I knew you from the moment I laid eyes on you and now here you are, trapped in some strange kinky fantasy you dreamed up awhile ago but now it's real, isn't it? And this is only the beginning. This can all be as real as you want it to be.

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