Mistress Noel Knight – Empress Of The Dark Side

Well, well, little Jedi, finally conscious, are you? As the last of your order, I’ve had a great deal of fun tormenting you, but the time has come for me to bring your pathetic life to an end. I’ll bet you hadn’t expected a Sith to finish you, much less the Empress of our all female sect. Don’t worry, I’ll still play with you in your last moments – Forcechoke you until you’re blue in the face, taunt you with my incredible power… I’ll even send you to the afterlife with a jolt of lightning! The Dark Side wins at last. Prepare for your end, Jedi scum! This was a custom that turned out so well, I decided to share!

MP4 * 563 MB * 00:10:50 * 1920x1080

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