Eva De Vil - Red Balls, Blue Balls

Red Balls, Blue Balls I can tell you’re just radiating desperation. It’s been so long since your last orgasm and your balls look so blue and swollen.

I’ll let you beg for release. I’ll let you earn it. It’s very important that you earn it.

Except, my idea of you earning it involves you being kicked repeatedly in the nuts. That’s so much more entertaining for me. I want you to realize how much more amusing it is for me to batter your balls than to let you cum. I’m gonna kick you so hard that you don’t even want to cum anymore because your testicles are ruptured.

I tease you about how badly you wanted that orgasm. Poor, pathetic, bitch. Your balls are merely a tool for me to control your life with, administering pain and pleasure as I desire.

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